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Inside Marão

Inside Marão unveils a unique heritage of beautiful patches of forest, the pastoral valley of the Povoa River and its lake, and the historic mines of ramalhoso, where people used to prospect for gold and ore. We will then visit some higher altitude areas with breath-taking landscapes and regain our strength in the serenity of the Lameira park with a traditional lunch. The spectacular viewpoint of Nossa Senhora de Moreira will make you feel insignificant in the face of the beauty and vastness of everything around you. At the end of this tour we will taste a tasty picnic with only homemade products specially made for you and taking into account your diet. Vinho Verde will be present in this picnic.

Inside Experiences

Inside Natureza by jeep

Come by jeep through the Serra do Marão, a heritage made up of beautiful forest patches, from the pastoral valley of the Póvoa River and its reservoir, through the historic Minas de Ramalhoso, where gold was once sought and ore explored. Heading to higher areas with breathtaking landscapes and then regaining strength in the serenity of Lameira park with a regional lunch, passing by the Nossa Senhora de Moreira viewpoint, where we feel insignificant such is the beauty and vastness of everything around us.


Jeep tours through Serra do Marão

Guided tours through the Serra do Marão in an all-terrain vehicle, passing through the most beautiful trails and the most chilling landscapes of the magnificent Serra do Marão. This service includes water, check in and check out at the location to be defined by the customer and insurance.
There are 2, 4 and 6 hour options that can include a snack, lunch or dinner.