Serra do Marão 

Nature is the destination!


Amarante is a land of contrasts, with well-differentiated urban and rural areas, but complementary and interdependent. Its hydrographic network, with emphasis on the Tâmega River, next to which the city was installed, as well as its relief, marked by the presence of the Marão and Aboboreira Mountains, provide a perfect harmony between the city and the natural.

In the urban areas, the historical and architectural heritage that the past has bequeathed. In rural areas, on the other hand, it is nature that is evident with rivers and mountains, at the foot of which are populated by rude and hardworking people who plowed through the land; that creates animals that it leads to graze and uses in the government of the house, or that has as traction force for agriculture. People who make the yoke or basket, people who sew bread. This characteristic duality of Amarante provided a broad territorial development, while preserving some of the most important natural and cultural characteristics.

It is, therefore, a territory of excellence for the implementation of integrated sustainable development strategies, based on a unique natural and cultural heritage, which must be preserved and promoted. In this sense, Amarante has been developing several actions to promote its natural heritage and endogenous resources, in a perpetuation of its character, but also in the conservation of one of its genesis values.

The existing natural elements, together with the mild climate, enhance the possibilities of nature tourism and nature sports. Amarante thus becomes the ideal place for the practice of outdoor activities such as mountaineering, canoeing, paragliding, outings in gigas (local boats) and seagulls, fishing, hunting, swimming, golf, camping and the enjoyment of river beaches and the water park.